The all-in-one updates and bonding with my special one.

Didn’t realised that the last update was in feburary and I couldn’t find time for writing this. Travelling and also holiday overseas, celebrating my sister birthday at Krabi, Krabi’s awesome. Finally snorkeling at least once in my whole life ! Would be better if it weren’t for some douchebag. Oh well, life would be too perfect if that’s the way. Give and take.


I was lost for words when I took a picture of this. That’s my gf’s new house. The blinking act as a lightway path to guide, it’s so beautiful! I decided to put this up as my facebook coverphoto. I love it.



She made casserole! I love it! Something which I have not yet try before, with the ketchup as topping, it’s completed. Drunken Prawns for dinner, made by her again. I guess she surprises me too much, I need to do something about it. Was on rashes and too bad I can’t taste any of it yet. And lastly was the handmade no-bake oreo with lemon crumbs cheesecake! I told her about no bake cheesecake the other day and here it is ! Went out to get the ingredients for it.




This was totally random, pardon me ! But I believe I can do better though. Am still thinking what am I gonna put in for the text and emoticons hahaha.



Last but not least, did some heat-treatment to my brass hyperstone lite for time killing purpose. It’s the 2nd surgery I did to it. It’s basically just some virgin try outs, so please don’t mind me. The original color of the brass went glow and brightly after doing some heat treatment to it. I guess I really like the outcome result to the point where the SS tip of the buttons fell off and I decided to make it look bluish. I’m still learning in process though. Do check out the fidget spinner if you’re interested at Hyperstone Fidget Spinner OR their facebook at Facebook

They are using 696 bearing for the spinner. Comes in 3 different types of material (Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel) , also they do release a few limited edition hyperstone like the Vintage and the Heat anodized Hyperstone.



Trying out every single possibilities that I have not yet encounter in my life.



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