Valentines ? Yea, definitely for me but it’s not it is supposed to be. Perhaps something special. 

Single, attached, married. There’s always one special person that we love to see him/her by our side. Embrace our partner and be thankful for whatever they did. Even if you didn’t buy a box of chocolate, sentences like “I will always be here for you when you needed me” are always bound to appear. Well of course for me, although I didn’t show it, I know sometimes things doesn’t always go along to what we planned beforehand. I may sound like a self-centered person, it’s just I rather keep quiet than saying anything that’s hurtful to my girlfriend. Because I take promises seriously. In the end, thanks for lifehack, brightside and PrinceEa for their earnest words, images they posted on facebook that tells me life can be wonderful without being trap by inner voice.

So on this day, 14th feb 2017. Of course Valentines day. Who else wouldn’t want to celebrate it ? Be it for those who are attached or married. And for those who are singles, gaming with friends, dating your revision notes, having fun with your own hobbies and interests. While waiting for my girlfriend to be back from school, she came back with tomyam food. Of course I didn’t really like tomyam but oh well, it’s her effort though. And I was already famished! And so we finished our dinner, went back to our room, I asked her if she’s serious about tomorrow’s movie date since she’s the one who volunteered for it. Of coure I had prepared my heart that it’s bound to be cancel. I don’t blame her, she’s just too tired. Of course I didn’t say anything much. Keeping quiet while scrolling through facebook for any hilarious news while ignoring her (because shes being stupid and maybe trying to make it up . Lol), I saw this news. Heart Touching News/Story. Humanity ! . It’s worth a read. It serves many purposes. Humanity still exist in this world. Trump or no Trump, there will still be people helping each other. I believe this is the best valentine gift to me. Learn as I go, Help as I go, Grow as I learn, Learn as I help. 


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