Black spikes? No way ! 

Maybe most of us would know what’s this is all about. Science related ? Yes it is. And I don’t really love studies when I was young. Leaving the textbooks under my desk, going back home with nothing in my bag. We were all once young and mischevious. But it’s never too late to start better than not doing it. That’s what I truely believe.

I chance upon some videos at brightside through facebook and this science-related video caught my attention, so I decided to google or youtube it. True enough, I found a video that makes it more interesting than just showing what happens when a ferrofluid meets a magnet.

Ferromagnetic fluid with nitrogen liquid
Now that’s something really interesting. Of course first attempt to put out little amount of nitrogen liquid (-300°F ) into the ferroliquid ain’t strong enough to freeze it and thus, second attempt was made. True enough, the whole ferrofluids were “frozed” out while the magnet is still being placed on. As soon as the magnet was removed, melting of the frozen ferrofluid took place.

Ferrofluids are collaidal liquids made out of nanoscale ferromagnetic. Each tiny particles contains a surfactant to inhibit clumping. According to one of the facebook user, he mentioned that ferrofluids are actually safe for children as long as they don’t consume it.

Pardon me if I miss out anything related to the topic as I am still learning. That’s what the whole purpose of my blogsite is. Please guide me more if anyone of you happened to visit my blogpost. I am more than willing to learn !




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