Food . Who doesn’t love food ?

As above. Who doesn’t love food ? I am sure all of us does. Be it what kind of crusine you are into, we all have one of a kind that we definitely won’t miss it out. 

For me, my first overseas travel alone to Japan when I was around 20, it was the most memorable experience to me that I got hooked up and strived to work hard, save up the money and travel back to Japan again. Of course, I made new friends each time I went back. To improve my japanese language speaking. I am glad I did. I fell in love with the local food over there and I couldn’t stop myself from craving for more! 

As I am still in holiday mood over here in KL (Kuala Lumpur) , Malaysia. I chanced upon this Japas Fun Dining place called Babe (Babe sushi). They uses Molecular Gastronomy idea that matches up with Japanese style.

Under chef Jeff Ramsey creativity and food invention, it takes what it does to the whole new level of appreciation. Couldn’t thank him for more ! But what leaves me good impression was these ! 

Instead of hagen-n-dazs, they got us Babe-n-Dasz ! Foie gras in ice cream style. And it taste as if I am having a normal vanilla ice cream without any foie gras in it. Thumbs up for this ! 

Last but not least, miso soup! With some crab meat in it. 

If you happened to travel to KL, do remember to check them out ! Babe Japas Malaysia



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