My fidget spinners

So , I am going to talk about one of my interest here. It’s the fidget spinners. I believe the market for the spinners out there are currently greatly well-known in US.

What is exactly fidget spinners all about ? I believe you, or the rest out there may have encounter such situation and find yourself explain it in your own words. For me, I simply said “it’s for people like me who loves to fidget and can’t rest my hands without fidgeting or I can’t focus well if there’s nothing for me to fidget” . I would not consider such behavior as bad habit because we all need our own ways to relax or focus on something that we need to. Of course almost all the time people replying awful remarks about it but I don’t really care about it. I know it’s good for me and that’s all about it.

Above image is spinners from FlyAwayToys . They provide kids-friendly spinners for kidults (kids at all age) . One of the recommended spinners for those who want to purchase budget friendly metal spinner at first try. Also, I am a big fan of their designs! Providing 3 different types of ball bearings, they performed above average spin time. With their recent released of Maelstrom, that gives them a hype up reputation to it, not forgetting to mention their top-notch customer service! If you or your friends/love ones are one of trillions who needs a spinner, don’t forget to check it out !

Here’s the lists of spinners which you might want to consider getting.


Addictive Fidget Toys

Noble Spin

Spinetic Spinners

Additionally, if you want to check out several reviews for various spinner, do check out fabian’s reviews for it! SpinSpace Youtube Channel . Be sure to subcribe him ! SpinSpace Instagram

Ben Koh’s review for Hyperstone from Vietnam!

OD Spinner FB page 

Fidget Spinners Related


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